Inserting Images

Hope House Charity Golf Tournament
I work full time, so I haven’t kept up with reading and research the last few days. Having company over tonight. So just busy. But I did want to learn how to insert and image and wrap text around it. I started by uploading an image of something I am doing at work. The background of this image can be found at

Muchsino’s Weblog talks about wrapping text. I copied and pasted a couple commands from there. My goal was to tilt the image, shadow background and I did that in Photoshop and saved as a .png. Ideally, I wanted to have the text wrap to the image more than the border around the image, but I could not figure that out.

Another way, I just now noticed, when in the Visual window, you can click on your image, then on the Edit Image button and align that way. It looks like it wraps automatically.

As for the Golf Tournament. It raises money for a transitional home in Northern California called Hope House which is for women with children and provides a not only a place to stay, but counseling, employment assistance, mentoring and connections to community resources. This is the ninth year of the tournament and since the organization Emerging Hope is looking into acquiring a second home, this would be a great year to get involved/donate! The website above has all of the information.