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South Fork American River, Lotus Park

A beautiful day on the south fork of the American River through Lotus Park

kayak, lotus park, south fork American River
Gentle waters

American River South fork lotus park


Great Races in Nevada

Camel, Virginia City, NV
It’s almost that time of year, again, so I thought I’d put up a few pictures from last year’s Virginia City Camel Races and Reno, NV Great Balloon Race the first weekend in September.

Last year, I went with my youngest son to Virginia City where we sat in the very hot sun to watch camels, emus and ostriches Virginia City, NVrunning about the place. It wasCamel Race quite fun and a great photo op! Bring cash as a lot of the vendors didn’t accept credit cards last year. Oh…and sunscreen. The seating is metal stadium benches so something to sit on is Ostrich race, Reno, NVhelpful. The town is fun to walk through.

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