More River Pics


South Fork American River, Lotus Park

A beautiful day on the south fork of the American River through Lotus Park

kayak, lotus park, south fork American River
Gentle waters

American River South fork lotus park


Take Me to the River

I had every intention of updating posts with information within the parameters of the title of this blog, but lots going on at work. Sunday was Baptism day. Lots of people came out and the smoke cleared with temperatures in the 80’s (not the water…the water is very, very cold). I was able to get across the river to get a nice shot of everyone on the shore. Image

In Other News…

I believe we will be signing up for Creative Cloud shortly. Our last version of Adobe was Creative Suite CS4, so I am pretty excited about getting more of the programs to try out. There will be more on that.

Great Races in Nevada

Camel, Virginia City, NV
It’s almost that time of year, again, so I thought I’d put up a few pictures from last year’s Virginia City Camel Races and Reno, NV Great Balloon Race the first weekend in September.

Last year, I went with my youngest son to Virginia City where we sat in the very hot sun to watch camels, emus and ostriches Virginia City, NVrunning about the place. It wasCamel Race quite fun and a great photo op! Bring cash as a lot of the vendors didn’t accept credit cards last year. Oh…and sunscreen. The seating is metal stadium benches so something to sit on is Ostrich race, Reno, NVhelpful. The town is fun to walk through.

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Rules, Rules, and More Rules

“We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.”

Funny, I’m starting this out with a quote that I’m not exactly sure to whom to attribute. Stephen Covey? Jerry Wunder? Ian Percy? Montague Jocelyn King-Harmon? Jerreau?  If you look it up on the internet, it’s hard to know who said it and who re-said it.

But this is less about words and more about pictures. Adding a picture to a blog is a lot more pleasing than not having any. I started this post because I was reading various samples of books on Kindle, last night, and I wanted to start out my post with a nice little picture of a book. But what are the rules on that? Turns out, even if your INTENT is to provide some nice free advertisement, one can get into some big trouble even if there is no profit to the blogger from using the image. I knew this… I mean, I think we all know that using other’s images isn’t such a good idea, but it’s so easy and it helps them, right?

Instead of supplying pretty pictures, I’m just going to provide a few links to a couple of bloggers that talk about this:

Roni Loren posted this on using images in a blog and I found it most helpful.,1

Meghan Ward’s Blog Writerland covers Creative Common logos and codes, while providing some places to safely get photos.

Interesting and good to know.

I’m still going to look into using a book cover image for a review.