Brand New Obsession

Went into work today and had this playing on my computer/headphones while I worked –¬†CreativeLIVE. It’s a website that has “live” streaming of seminars that, if you watch them when they are offered, they are free. Pricey if you want to watch anytime. Right now is Photo Week, 3 channels and something is always playing! So far everything I have seen I’ve found interesting. Highly recommend!


Since I’ve Been Gone…

We got Adobe Creative Cloud! Lots to learn.

We also decided not to use WordPress for our new website. The need to learn it, therefore, has gone a bit by the way-side. Trying to decide between Squarespace and Adobe Business Catalyst at this point. So, learning about web developing, learning the upgrades and totally new to me Adobe programs and trying to figure out what makes sense, what does not.

I did purchase an online video web developing tutorial package called The Ultimate Web Online Training System by Michael Locke which focuses on Fireworks (I know…Adobe is phasing that out, but even though I just started working with it, it’s so very nice), how to design a website, and some coding as well. I came across his short videos on youtube and found him easy to understand and to follow.

After watching a few videos from that (and other random videos that I have watched), and heading into work on a Sunday for 3 hours, I was able to put together a mock webpage that I was pretty happy with. Of course, it’s just the one page so it doesn’t lead to anything, but there are drop down menus that highlight, and I’ve never done that before (this tutorial helped a lot with that also).

home page

Screen capture

AND since my last post was pictures of the baptism, and the billboard on my mock page is of the baptism, I am going to include this link to the video that was put together from this event. Normally, I probably wouldn’t do that, but this turned out so very well that I think even if baptisms are not your thing at all, you would still find this cool!¬†¬†Baptism Video. The editing was phenomenal, the music very upbeat…they used a GoPro camera for underwater shots…there’s time lapse shots and it all fit together wonderfully.Baptism video 2013 web ad